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Sand and GravelWhether you are a builder undertaking a project for a client or a DIY fan doing some landscaping around your home, Cotswold Vale Fencing & Landscaping Supplies is here to help. We can provide a range of essential building materials such as sand and gravel in small and large amounts to suit your project and ensure it remains cost effective.

Bulk bags available

For builders undertaking projects of varying sizes, we can off bulk bags of sand and gravel as well as decorative aggregates, landscaping bank and even mulch and compost. This means if you are creating paved areas for a customer as well as doing some landscaping work alongside these areas, we can supply all the materials you need to lay foundations and to prepare the soil for planting.
If you are unsure about how much of any materials that you need for the project, we offer free estimates to help you decide. You can then ensure that you buy the right materials for the projects in the right quantities and didn’t find yourself left with a large amount left over. We can also help with paving products of a wide variety of styles to lay on top of the sand and product the paved areas that your client required.

DIY fans welcome

As well as offering our services for builders and other tradesmen, we are also happy to supply DIY fans undertaking small projects at home. We can help with a variety of materials you need including play chips for play areas and all the basics you need to create a patio or garden path. If you need advice about what might work best for your project, we are always happy to offer our experience and expertise so you can make an informed decision and get just the right amount of materials for your project.

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Cotswold and Vale specialise in supplying a wide range of products for professional and DIY landscape gardeners in Cheltenham and across Gloucestershire. From fencing supplies to sand, gravel, paving, decking and sheds we have everything you need to create your perfect garden.